Want to know the SECRET to selling your home faster, and for more money? Real estate professionals have known this secret for years and years…..Staging!

The results of Exquisite Staging will bring more buyers into your home, increasing traffic flow; amplify buyer interest, resulting in a quicker sale and extra money in your pocket!

Staging your home can sell your home faster, and provide a high return on what can be a limited investment. KM Interiors to stage uses a personal touch to present your home in the best possible way using gorgeous artwork and décor to suit any style. Each design is unique and carefully planned to sell yourme quickly at the be host possible price.

How Staging Works

House Staging 'sets the stage' for houses. It creates the feeling of space, cleanliness, warmth and brightness that buyers are looking for.

Just as the way show homes are staged to sell homes; people can imagine themselves living in that house. You would rarely find a show home without any furniture, and if you did, I would imagine they would not sell many. Staging sets the stage and visually directs the buyers where to place furniture and decorate their own house.

The same works for the sale of a pre-owned house. Buyers are more likely to buy a home that looks ready to move in, with modern furniture and decor. The buyer can definately 'buy' into it, literally. They can imagine themselves in a furnished, neat and modern home, rather than empty, cluttered and dated home.

It is proven that houses that are staged sell faster and for more money than houses that are not staged. It essentially pays for itself buy a quicker sale, and closer to purchase price.





Staging consultation: $200.00
Includes a Top 10 list of recommendations. *This is a one-time only flat fee.

Pre-listing staging with existing furniture: $400.00
Included 2 hours of decluttering, re-arranging, and making the most out of your current surroundings. *This is a one-time only flat fee.


Vacant home staging - please contact us for an estimate. Because each house can vary in size, shape and amount of floor and wall space, an accurate estimate can only be given when the property has been viewed. *This service is a monthly service.


*Monthly service fees include the following: initial setup, delivery, and furniture rental costs. Consecutive months are rental costs only. Setup and delivery cost is approximately $500.


Payment is due upon the day of initial setup and delivery. The consective months (if necessary) are due upon the first day of the second month. Staging is only billed per month, unless otherwise stated before hand.